What Happens When You Marry ChatGPT to Bing Chat?

Perry Jones
4 min readJun 14, 2023

What Happens If You Marry ChatGPT to Bing Chat?

All my life, I’ve been on a quest.

I’ve searched — usually in all the wrong places — for an answer to a question:

How do I make as much money as possible, as easily as possible?

If you’re like me, you grew up with the paradigm that you have to go to school, get good grades so you can go to a good college and get good grades there so you can get a good job. “Good” in this case meaning, “well-paid.”

That works for many people. My sister and her husband seem to be good examples of this thought-process.

They have a nice house, two cars, two bright, well-adjusted kids, they take a nice vacation once or twice a year and seem to be doing well.

Sure, that process works for some people, many people even, but it didn’t work out as well for me.

Well, it did, and it didn’t, let me explain.

For me, it worked when it worked and it didn’t when it didn’t.

There were times when I wouldn’t leave the house without $600 or $700 in my pocket.

And I’ve been homeless — twice.

When I lived in Arizona I worked at a Big 4 firm and as a Family Office Manager where I managed the wealth of a couple that many people would consider rich.

I also worked with other people whom many people would consider rich, but neither I nor my friends would ever — or could ever — be mistaken for “rich.”

And I always had this thought spinning around in my head: “Was there a way of making fast, easy money?”

In this case, I hope you’re not like me.

I chased every business opportunity, Amway, Ambit, online money making schemes and yes, many scams.

I lost thousands.

That’s where most of my money went.

Then when crypto broke out and became a “thing,“ I invested heavily in that — and lost thousands more.

Now I was broke, verging on homelessness and I –

Lost my job!


With a 3-month old baby and the mother of my child.

I felt like such a failure.

I felt like a financial cripple.

And still I continued trying things.

Only to keep losing money.

I tried some more.

And lost some more.

Two years later I was homeless again, for the second time.

But I kept trying.

My daughter is 21 now.

That equals 21 years of failure.

Chasing the wind.

Burning through money I didn’t have.

If I hadn’t moved back home into my parents house — at 49 years old! — I would have been homeless a third time.

This making money thing wasn’t working for me.

So I went back to try the conventional route — get a job.

That didn’t work either.

No one said it of course, but for most places, I was too old.

No one would hire me, except for Walmart.

But a flare-up of bipolar disorder ended that stint of employment.

And I would now be verging on homelessness a fourth time, if not for living at home.

My daughter is 21, I’ve tried making money on my own, online, with MLM, and other ways, and all failed — for 21 years.


Something happened.




I’m good at learning so I began studying.

And I kept coming across YouTube videos of people making outrageous claims of how much money they were making.

So, you know what I did, of course.

I tried it — and lost money.

Every. Time.

But then I came across a theme.

Making money by coding smart contracts on the blockchain.

That seemed interesting.


I didn’t know any of the new coding languages.

So I asked ChatGPT to code a simple smart contract for me.

After some urging and maneuvering it by asking the right questions (prompt engineering), it wrote the contract.

I was excited.

So then I used ChatGPT to educate myself on this coding to make money thing.

And it wrote some more code.

But when I tried to deploy the contracts…

Well, you know what happened of course — they failed.

So I thought of something tricky, I used Bing Chat to analyze and then correct the errors made in the code written by the ChatGPT AI.


It worked!

I deployed the contracts — and they worked!

And that’s what happens when you marry ChatGPT to Bing Chat — you get a passive income machine.

A monster passive income machine.

And that monster passive income machine is AI Income.

Now, passive income is easy, quick, totally hands-off except for the initial set up, you just “set it and forget it” and you get paid every day, right into your crypto wallet.

I know how hard it was for me at times.

No money when you needed it.

Living on the street.

Literally begging for handouts for a daughter in diapers and her mother and myself.

Maybe you’ve been there.

Or come close.

Or maybe you just need the money to pay some bills or upgrade your lifestyle.

You only live once, I say live it up!

With AI Income, you can.

I designed it to pay every day.

I designed it to never lose money.

ChatGPT and Bing Chat wrote the code.

And these AI wrote it in a manner that generates truly impressive returns.

Try AI Income today.