Maf: Starfleet Battles Player Experience 2

Perry Jones
4 min readAug 8, 2022

Maf: Starfleet Battles Player Experience 2

During the Training Tracks, players are respawned in a similar ship outside of a space station. Each Training Track has 3 basic scenarios to complete. These scenarios must be completed to finish the Training Track.

Upon completion of these 5 Training Tracks, Starfleet Captains are awarded a cruiser. All other players do not receive an upgraded ship.

From this point on, all players except for Starfleet Captains must buy in-game ships except for a corvette.

Although corvettes are available for purchase in the Market, upon death of a player or destruction of their ship, a player may request a corvette from the nearest friendly station; there will be no charge. Only a hull will be available, all weapons, upgrades, and specialty items will need to be repurchased and fitted to the ship.

If the player-character has died, their conscious is transferred to one of 3 starting clones.

Players must designate a location for their starting clones. These may be all in one location or separate locations.

Clones require extensive facilities to maintain without damage. Only facilities with clone vats may house clones without injury to the clone.

Players receive 3 clones to begin the game. Players may purchase as many additional clones from the Market as they choose.

If a player-character should terminate, any bodily enhancements are lost unless the player-character has previously installed them to an existing clone. The exception is the NetCom neurochip which is automatically installed with every clone and upon the birth of every person.

After the 5 Training Tracks are completed, players may play according to their role or play the game in any way they choose.

Playing for free and making money requires the player-character to complete Tasks, Missions, Quests or Epic Arcs. Players may also complete any open Contract listed on the Market.

To obtain a Contract, a player will access the Market and locate the menu of Contracts. Many of these will be available without cost but some of these may require a fee to obtain. A player will request a Contract and most Contracts will be assigned immediately. When assigned, a Contract is no longer available unless the player fails to complete the Contract.

All Contracts require some form of award in order to be listed. Players receive the award when they complete the Contract and return to the station or location where the Contract was received.

Contracts may be created for any purpose; as a bounty, for assassination's, mining, trading, exploring, FPS, industrial, business, espionage, fishing, farming, trophy hunting, stealing property or ships, raiding a base or station, pirating an area, capturing a mine, asteroid, planet, moon, space station or ship, research, bribing officials, etc.

A Bounty Contract may only be created against a player who has wronged the player creating the Contract in some way — such as injury, damaging property or a ship, stealing property or territory, etc. Bounty Contracts can only be created against Level 3 or higher level players. A Bounty Contract may also be listed against an NPC when using the same restrictions.

An Assassination Contract may only be listed against a Level 5 or higher level player or NPC. An Assassination has no requirements to be created, but the award must be 1 million credits or higher. Ships or weapons or equipment, Skill Books or Skill Points may be substituted for or combined with credits for the Contract.

A player may purchase any item available for sale on the Market and resell it on the Market or by Contract without the necessity of obtaining a Production and Sales License.

A player may also Research and create a Blueprint by using a Blueprint Contract. Upon completion, the Blueprint will be delivered to the Contract Maker.

To mine without obtaining a Production and Sales License, a player will need to complete Mining Contracts or buy the $5 Plesorus Mining Frigate.

Starfleet Captains will automatically respawn at their Fleet Starbase (if MACOFS) or at other designated locations for other starnations. Starfleet will provide as many clones as necessary. The ship they lost will also respawn (another ship will be built and assigned to them by Starfleet at their Base) with all weapons, systems and upgrades as were on the destroyed ship. Any cargo items will be lost however.

To make a livable income, players will need to purchase a Game License. Game Licenses range from $1 for a Table License, $5 for a Plesorus Mining Frigate, $25 for a Restaurant License, etc. to $250,000 for the Ultra Game License.

An Ultra Game License includes 3 Tier 7 Licenses, (Banking License, Casino License, buy 12,544 square kilometers in Kila Vas), 4 Tier 6 (Hotel, Buy a Small City) Licenses, 4 Tier 5 Licenses (Starship Construction Company License, Construction Company License, buy 12,544 square meters), 5 Tier 3 Licenses, (Starport License, Building License, buy a Solar System, create a Solar System), 3 Tier 2 Licenses, (Production and Sales License, Buy a Building), 4 Tier 1 Licenses, (Restaurant License, Engineering and Research Company License, Buy a Planet).

Players pay License Holders to use, rent or buy their properties or manufactured items.

The Holder of the Ultra Game License (Tier 8), may sell, rent or trade any subordinate Licenses included with the Tier 8 License.

The Holder of a Tier 4, StarBuilder License may Not sell, trade or rent any subordinate Licenses included with the StarBuilder License.

Income for a License Holder is expected to be commensurate with the cost of their License.