Maf: Starfleet Battles — First Viachon War

Perry Jones
4 min readJul 9, 2022

Empty space is beginning to fill up,” commented Dr. Roland Hardaway of the Jonesboro Academy of Science, as word was received that signals had been received from deep space of a fleet of ships moving in formation.

This would be the fifth confirmation of alien life that Helvatica (the nation with the only spaceships so far), had observed.

Helvatica didn’t share intelligence — or even science-readily, but, once they had confirmed a new discovery, technology or invention, they usually shared the results with officials of the city-state of Jonesboro over 7,000 miles away.

Helvatica Space Command — forerunner to Starfleet, ordered four of its most capable battlecruisers to investigate.

It would require four months before the cruisers were near enough to establish any form of accurate identification.

“Captain,” stated Lt. K’Da, “I have warp signature of 4 ships closing fast at extreme range.” Captain An’Kasal, commander of the 3 ship patrol of the Viachon Empire responded. “Identification?” “Unknown,” answered Lt. K’Da.

“Battle Stations!” commanded Captain An’Kasal, “inform the patrol, prepare for combat. So someone wants to come out and play? Good. I’m in the mood for some play.”

The three ships of the Viachon Empire, their shields sparkling with a blue hue like a blue aurora borealis on a cold winter’s night swung around to face the unknown.

“Sir?” said Chief Al Rakanas of the lead ship of the 4 ship unit from Helvatica said. “Those ships- they’ve swung about. They’re heading straight for us.”

“Noted.” answered Captain Peter Smith. “Raise shields and reinforce, charge weapons.” A chorus of “Yes sirs,” resounded from across the bridge.

“Any visuals?” asked Captain Smith.

“Not yet, sir,” responded Chief Rakanas.

“Sir? I’m detecting radio signals on a side band,” stated Communications Officer, Lt. Patrina Harris.

“I’m guessing its undecipherable.”

“It’s clearly intelligent in origin, but, no sir, I am unable to interpret the language.”

“Close range. Hold fire until my order,” said the Captain.

From a million miles apart the two groups of ships, far in deep space, far from their respective homes -and support-closed the gap between each other.

The respective commanders of each task force recognized the precariousness of their position and its innate danger. Both could feel the heavy weight of command pressing down on their shoulders, each had hundreds of lives he was responsible for, but each also had a duty, to protect their home from danger.

“Slow to half speed,” stated Captain An’Kasal, “ready weapons, half charge. Let’s greet them with a little Viachon welcome.”

“Sir. We are 20 genashon from the four ships.” (297,000 miles), stated Helmsman, Lt. Pa’kaa.

“Close to 4 genashons and hold position ,” said Captain An’Kasal.

Chief Rakanas observed a change in the motion of the three unknown — and big, very big ships; “Sir, the unknown ships are now at 148,500 miles. They appear to be coming to a stop.”

“Very well, Chief,” answered Captain Smith, “Lt. Ogsan reduce speed to 2/3rds, close to 30,000 miles and stop.” “Yes, sir,” replied Propulsion and Engineering Officer Ogsan.

A few moments later a blue beam of light rippled through space from the lead unknown ship to the lead ship of the Helvatica force, the “Nagarris” commanded by Captain Smith.

“Evasive manuvers, shields at maximum! Return fire!” shouted Captain Smith.

A flurry of activity erupted on deck just as the blue beam hit knocking the ship sideways, the shields absorbed most of the punch of the blue beam but the hull was scorched in the place the beam impacted.

“Sir?” queried Weapons Officer Lt. Commander Sa Targ of the Viachon command ship, “The querosol beam hit at half strength, they should have easily absorbed that.”

The Captain had no time to respond as the Helvatica ships hurtled off, each accelerating in a different direction, several orange beams of light struck out from each of the Helvatica ships seeking to connect with the three Viachon cruisers.

“Attack Formation Das’ental, fire at will!” said Captain An’Kasal.

“Ships firing! All ships are firing sir!” shouted Chief Rakanas.

“Maintain discipline,” said Captain Smith, “Manuver X-7, fire rear cannon.”

A handful of orange beams from the ship “Genghis Khan” of Helvatica Space Command broke through a shield of an opposing ship. Pieces of the ship broke of, spinning into space in all directions.

Then, with a sudden blast of brilliant white light the unknown warship exploded into oblivion.

“We got one! We got one!” shouted Communications Officer Harris as she observed the battle monitor across the front of the bridge.

The ship rocked slightly again as another beam ricocheted off the hull. Sudden white flashes from two directions momentarily filled the bridge.

“Sir!” Lt. Harris’ voice sounded panicky. “I’ve lost communication with the “Patriot” and the “Genghis Khan.”

Sensor Chief Rakanas stated, “Sir, they’re gone!”

Captain Smith responded, “Alpha X Manuver, then Alpha T, warp at full power, direction P-T one-seven-zero, get us out of here!’

Captain Smith’s ship, the “Nagarris” and the “Pride of Space,” warped away at full power. Less than three minutes had passed since the first shot being fired between the two groups of ships.

Nearly 400 crew members had died on the “Patriot” and the “Genghis Khan.” Another 40 were injured on the Nagarris, 3 critically.

The first Viachon War was over, two more, each many times deadlier than its predecessor, would come.