MACOFS and the MACOS Treaty

Perry Jones
3 min readJul 28, 2022

1988. Peace. After 11 years of war, World War Three was finally over. 1 billion lives had been lost. New nations formed from the wreckage of states, tribal orders and desert nomads that had been decimated by the long, savage war.

One of these nations was Helvatica, named after the Imperial General, Lieutenant General Johovus Helvatica who became Governor in 1982 to 1984, who then served two terms as President beginning in 1984 to 1992.

Helvatica was first the Kila Vas Military District during the war and was accorded independent status in 1984. Prior to the war, the region was known as the United Kaolsan Emirates, a group of four Kaolsani city-states with its capital of Kila Vas.

On January 1, 2000, Kila Vas became the capital of the New World Maf Government (NWMG) which was constituted from over 300 nations fighting on both sides of World War Three.

However, almost from the beginning, it quickly became apparent that this new government covering one fifth of the planet’s land mass was unwieldy, unresponsive and too demanding. Over the next several years, the rifts grew deeper, not only between the far-flung states and the central government but also between the states themselves.

Civil war seemed imminent.

Until in late 2004, a solution began to appear possible.

By mid-2005, this solution seemed reachable and many of the 300 nations jumped on board.

The solution conceived was impressive and highly responsive to the individual needs and goals of the 300+ nations: On January 1, 2006, the NWMG would be dissolved. All states would have the option of returning to their previous status of independent, sovereign nations, or they could choose to remain part of the new nation — the first true starnation, the Maf Confederation of Free Societies — or MACOFS.

In November a plebiscite was held and four countries; Teful, Haniah, Tisivet and Dagorb elected to remain with the new government. All other nations would return to their previous independent status.

As these four small nations bordered Kila Vas to the north, they were incorporated into the city limits making Kila Vas the largest city in square area and population on the huge planet of Maf.

MACOFS included 22 states:

Kila Vas — as Capital and independent state.

And the previously existing starnations of:

Abrah-Jahlulsban, which split into two states,



















and Zein-imar.

Almost immediately after, a new convention was held that would bring together the Assembled Representatives of the Free Galaxies.

This consisted of several starnations plus planetary nations on Maf that played a significant role in World War Three and which maintained sizable military forces, plus one paramilitary group that played a pivotal role in the war, the Janastian Warhawks and a military corporation consisting of military and security forces of several megacorporations, the CCF, (Corporation Combined Fleet).

The MACOFS Treaty, as it became known, consisted of:

MACOFS as the lead nation and,

the Byzautaus Confederation,


Empire of Xanydeo and Xanthus (The Empire),


Janastian Warhawks,


Lendro Sek,

Maniskam Provinces,



Sahlem Interstellar Federation,



Subaas Star Republic,


Three Civilizations,

Tri-Stellar Federation (TSF),

and the powerful Viachon Empire.

Together these 19 planetary and starnations collectively formed one of the most powerful defense and commercial alliances in known space, second only (possibly), to the Empire of Man.