Do You Use AI?

Perry Jones
2 min readJun 15, 2023

Do You Use AI?

My guess is you do.

Ever hear of Siri? Alexa? Google? Google maps? YouTube? Facebook? Facebook ads? TikTok? Twitter? Spotify? Netflix? Amazon Prime? Back-up cameras on cars? Tesla cars? (actually almost every car built after 2000), almost every credit card? smart phones? smart TVs? many games online? (Chess, backgammon, word blitz, etc).

If you use any of these, you are using an AI that is many times smarter than AI Income.

All of these AI will do some of these, others will do all; analyze your actions and behaviors, identify your location, consider your past actions, behaviors and choices, guess what future actions you are most likely to choose, look at your present and past buying decisions, analyze your favorite choices, colors and patterns, recommend choices to you, etc.

AI Income doesn’t really care anything about you at all.

It doesn’t look at your income, it doesn’t identify where you live, it doesn’t analyze the past purchases you’ve made. All it wants from you is a User Name you make up and the number for your crypto wallet.

Then it puts money into your wallet in proportion to the deposit you made to AI Income.

Everything else, I’ve mentioned including Facebook, your phone and even your TV, are in a sense, watching you. Every day. All the time. And they keep watching, they keep gathering information about you and they get smarter and smarter — about you, maybe even knowing more about you — Now — than you do.

AI Income doesn’t do that.

It watches the flow of money in the crypto world and determines how best to get some of that cash flow into the anonymous wallets of people using AI Income.

That’s it.

And that’s all AI Income does.

It doesn’t want your real name, address, bank account number or the time you made you last phone call or the name of the movie you just watched on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

It doesn’t ask for this information and it doesn’t seek out any of this information.

It just watches the blockchain and the ever-expanding world of crypto and determines how best to conduct a profitable transaction so that it can give you a small bit of the billions of dollars floating around out there.

That’s all it does.