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Whose side are you on?

We live in tumultuous times. This is undeniable, we all bear witness to events of the last few months and weeks, some of which have been traumatic, others tragic.

Perhaps you are one of those who are confused, angry, uncertain or fearful. All the points of stability we had just 13 months ago all seem to have been tossed into a high speed blender.

Everything that was normal has been dashed to pieces. Your life may be one of those which has been shattered, your business shuttered, your job now at home or lost, you or children’s school closed, your church stands empty. …

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A young black woman is gunned down and killed in her bedroom.

An outstanding member of her community, she has done nothing wrong, she was asleep before the doors slammed open to armed intruders.

An older black male is shot in the head in his car. He is innocent and unarmed.

Another black male is strangled to death from behind, another young male is killed in his own front yard.

A woman is killed, a man is killed, families mourn, a community cries.

Loved ones and children of those so senselessly killed suffer — forever — at the loss of their father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, uncle, aunt. …

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“You aren’t rich,” how can you write a book about being rich, my friend asked.

“Darn good question,” I thought as I sat there.

She continued, “We know you, your friends know you. You aren’t rich.” What is this book all about?

“If someone was a billionaire and they wrote a book, then people would buy that book to read it.”

“If this book is about being rich in friends and relationships”, “and life” I interjected, “yes,” she said, “then this book would make sense.” …

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$500,000 to $2.2 Million in 2 Years-100%+ ROI

His name was Rosen.

He and his wife owned an art gallery in an exclusive area in the Phoenix metro region. He told me he was too busy managing his portfolio on his own — and besides, he wasn’t doing that good with it.

He said he was looking forward to retirement but didn’t think $500,000 was enough to cover his expenses.

I told him I could help.

He seemed to like me because he told me I had free reign to do whatever I could to grow his portfolio.

I reviewed his portfolio and his accounts and immediately realized he had done a good job with the skill set and experience he possessed. …

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Is the CCP as bad as Hitler? No, it’s far worse.

The CCP has “governed” China for over 70 years, since the defeat of the Nationalists by the CCP in 1949.

Today, we see an unstable “government” threatening and menacing its neighbors, threatening the world, bullying all those who cross it’s path, hunting down and exterminating those who disagree with its policies, silencing others by threats and intimidation and mocking peace, law and order and the stability, not only of its own region, but of the entire world.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims that the situation in the South China Sea is at a boiling point and that it may have to act first if conditions continue to deteriorate. …

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Everyone has a different opinion about God. Some say that He does exist while others contend He does not. Some say that He is this while others say that He is that. Some say that His Spirit has said “this” to them, while to others what He has spoken to them contradicts what He has spoken to others. This can only indicate one of two things; God exists — or He doesn’t.

To say that God does not exist would moot all further argument and thus would be a very short cul-de-sac that would serve no purpose. How is a debate constructed about that which all agree does not exist? But to say that God does exist may yield some very helpful insights, meaningful dialogue and stimulating discourse. In addition, we may reach the conclusion through such debate that there is no God. …

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And they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks:
nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war any more.
Isaiah 2:3

I ducked below the dashboard of my car to avoid the tree that seemed to be hurtling toward the windshield.

As I took that last turn, all I could see ahead of me was trees starkly revealed in the harsh light of the headlights of my car. I hadn’t been drinking, although I was at a party and my reputation at this time was one of a hard partier. I wasn’t feeling well, so I had only about half of one beer and a few sips of a second. Then I left early — 11:30 P.M. …

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Charlie Sheen @charliesheen

(This was an actual dream I had the morning of Wednesday, October 16, 2013)

Stormin’ Norman & his beautiful wife Chay Laviolette had moved to Phoenix, AZ. A few months later, I & my daughter moved there also. And then a few months after that, Skip Cole moved there too.

Skip and I own a pub in front of the condo’s where we live. Although we both own the pub, I also have a side business selling an emailed stock newsletter. When Skip first got to Tempe, Arizona (not Phoenix actually), he had some extra money because he had sold his house in East Brookfield for a profit which he wasn’t expecting. After paying off his bills, moving to Phoenix (Tempe) and buying the condo, Skip still had $50,000 left over. I had $50,000 saved up from selling the newsletter. The pub in front of the condo was for sale for $100,000. So we decided to buy the pub next to the condo complex we lived in.

On Friday night’s we had Stormin’ Norman and his beautiful wife Chay do karaoke for us at the pub. Skip and I always sing and we all have a great time. After a couple of months all 4 of us had become good friends, but then one night Chay tells us she and Norman won’t be available on a Friday because they have a private party BBQ in the afternoon and they are DJ’ing at a private party at a nightclub (The Purple Palace) (and Grille) later that evening. “But,” says Chay. “you guys can come to both as our invited guests.” …

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From WrittenGlobe blog —

God has a reason for you to be here. There is a purpose for your life. And God knows what that is. That is why He brought you here. That is why you were born.

You have a mission to accomplish, your perfect work is waiting, you have a true calling. Deep down inside, you already know this, but perhaps you have forgotten — or maybe — you never knew.

God has a purpose for you. There is something special He wants you to do and He gave it to a special person — You! — to do. There is only one person in the whole earth that can do this. Out of over 6 billion souls, only one person is qualified for this task. …

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Photo courtesy of Big Sky, Used with permission.

It doesn’t take a genius to build a log cabin home. The rustic appeal of a log cabin lies buried in the hearts of many people and this dream can be turned into a reality with a decent set of floor plans, a little hard work, perseverance and a good set of tools.

Step by Step Procedure

A step-by-step procedure makes it a relatively easy process to build a simple log cabin and ensures you won’t miss any essential steps along the way.

1. Floor Plans — A decent set of floor plans can be purchased on the internet or you can have these drawn up for you by your local architect or builder. Be certain to include all the basics such a home would have that make such a dwelling unique. …


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